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“Prototype Ricochet” Patek Philippe & Co., Genève, No. 796993, case No. 2623985, Ref. 788. Designed by Gilbert Albert and not made in series. Made in 1964, sold on December 22, 1969. Very fine and unique 18K yellow gold asymmetrical "Ricochet" gentleman's wristwatch. Accompanied by the Extract from the Archives.
C. Hand-made, heavy, two-body, asymmetrical, polished, theback with slide to take the removable strap. D. Gold satiné, quar-tered,applied gold baton markers. Gold bâton hands. M. 10''',Cal. 23-300, rhodium-plated, "fausses-côtes" decoration,stamped with the Seal of Geneva quality mark, 18 jewels,straight line lever escapement, Gyromax balance adjusted toheat, cold and five positions, self compensating balance spring,shock absorber.Dial, case and movement signed.Dim. 44 x 38 mm. Thickness 8 mm.
Estimate: 65,000 CHF - 85,000 CHF
Estimate: 40,000 EUR - 55,000 EUR
Estimate: 55,000 USD - 70,000 USD
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C 2 D 2 - 01 M 2
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This wristwatch would appear to be the only example of its kind and is one of the Gilbert Albert prototypes not made in series. The "Ricochet" collection was usually designed with a textured surface rather than polished as in the present watch. The related pendant watch is offered as lot 229 in this auction. Gilbert Albert (born September 20, 1930) A renowned Genevan jewelry designer and artist. In 1955, at the age of 24, he began to apply his innovative talents to the design of wrist-watch cases for Patek Philippe. Breaking away from traditional shapes, he introduced asymmetrical triangles and rhombic forms inspired by his passion for modern sculpture and works by his favorite artists, such as Brancusi and Mondrian. He also introduced textured organic surfaces on the asymmetrical shapes designed for the Patek Philippe "Ricochet" collection. However, many of his more revolutionary designs of that time remained prototypes and were not produced in series. In 1962, Gilbert Albert established his own work-shop, designing and producing jewelry under his own name. Over the years, he became very successful, both in Geneva and interna-tionally, receiving numerous awards for his jewelry. Gilbert Albert's creations are exhibited worldwide. Creations of Gilbert Albert, Ref. 3412-3413 (prototypes) and 3422- 3424 (production) are illustrated in "Patek Philippe Wristwatches", by Martin Huber and Alan Banbery, 1998 , pp. 78, 163, 187 and 188 and in the thematic sale "The Art of Patek Philippe", Antiquorum Geneva, April 9, 1989, pp. 45, 103 and 263. Tachisme A style of abstract painting popular in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It is characterized by the use of irregular blotches of color (from the French word "tâche", meaning "spot"), and pursued similar goals to Abstract Expressionism, favoring spontaneity over formal rigor. In 1953 the French painter and poet Jean Atlan described the philosophy behind Tachisme in this way: "there is a common source for the painter and the dancer, this common source is a certain manner of living rhythms ... At the beginning there is a rhythm which tends to unfold itself: it is the perception of this rhythm that is fundamental and it is in its devel-opment that the vital quality of the work depends." Tachisme was primarily a French movement and possesses a characteristic elegance and lyricism.
Exceptional Collectors Timepieces, Horological Tools
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